Rural Buildings in European Regions 2019


Nitra 10th September 2019, 9.00, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia Congress Centre of the Slovak University of Agriculture A. Bernolák Dormitory, University Campus

Countryside represents the picture of each region and country. Its image and structure were created historically and are continuously changing. Overall picture of a countryside is based on both residential and manufacturing buildings. In the past, countryside was predominantly inhabited by farmers, yet, today, people working in the cities and towns are moving to the countryside and both small and larger industries are being more and more established in these parts of country. Size of agricultural production units depends on the history or recent past of the region. Both the design and layout of residential and industrial buildings, alongside with technical and green infrastructure, create a rural environment that affects both social and environmental conditions of rural life.

The International Conference Rural Buildings in European Regions 2019 will deal with these issues for the ninth time.

Conference Topics
- Rural architecture;
- Technical and technological solutions for residential and manufacturing buildings in rural areas;
- Building materials and their recycling;
- Technical rural infrastructure;
- Green rural infrastructure;
- Environmental impact of rural buildings construction.

Proceedings will be published on the webpage of the Conference and sent to Web of Science evaluation
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