Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Diversity and inclusion are very important topics for the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra in the context of the intention to become a research and educational institution providing a fair and inclusive environment for work and study. Academic success cannot be achieved without diversity, equality and inclusion, and in this context SUA in Nitra has created a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2023-2026. The aim of the university is to create a stimulating work and learning environment that supports respect for the diversity of talents and differences within groups, leaves space for authenticity and allows people to feel part of the SUA community. SUA in Nitra also wants to raise awareness of the added value of diversity and contribute to a change in thinking towards greater inclusion. The basis of inclusion is the development of a global perspective through cooperation with people from different cultural backgrounds. SUA in Nitra, as an educational institution for young people, feels the responsibility to set an example and present our values for diversity, equality and inclusion in a formal strategy, which has a motivating effect not only on the employees and students of the university, but also on our partners and the community of which we are a part.

The diversity and inclusion strategy at SUA in Nitra follows on from several documents at the international, national and university level. Their common feature is the emphasis on equal treatment of all members of the university community and the rejection of any discrimination.