ECTS Label

The Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra implements flexible system of credit evaluation of study in accordance with the principles of the European Credit Transfer System - ECTS, with provisions of § 62 of the Act and the regulation of the Ministry of Education no. 614 /2002 on credit system of study.

tl_files/download/Pictures/Zahranicie/ects_logo.jpgFor proper implementation of ECTS our university was awarded the prestigious quality label "ECTS Label 2010-2013" by the European Commission in October 2010.

It is an important signal for partner organizations abroad that SUA in Nitra is a reliable partner in terms of implementation of ECTS and realisation of student mobility.

The credit system allows students to choose the pace and place (university, faculty) study, and thus adjust the  level of difficulty to their individual abilities and capabilities, as well as the requirements of the educational institution.

For completion of courses student receives credits. The standard student workload for one academic year is 60 credits per semester 30 credits. 1 ECTS credit corresponds to 26 hours of students workload.

For proper completion of the bachelor's degree program at a standard length of 3 years of study, the student must obtain 180 credits. At the master level of study at a standard length of study of 2 years 120 credits.

For the proper completion of the study in the doctoral degree program  at least 180 credits must be obtained, of which minimum 60 ECTS should be obtained for the study part and minimum 120 ECTS for the scientific part of the study programme.