General Description of the Institution

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra is a public university established by the Act. 131/2002 Coll of Laws as an independent legal entity.  As such it provides education in accredited study programs on bachelor, master and doctoral level of study as well as various programmes of lifelong learning.



SUA in Nitra is divided into faculties, teaching and research facilities, administrative departments, information centers and special purpose facilities.

Faculty of Agrobiology and Food resources (FAFR)
Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences (FBFS)
Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM)
Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development (FESRD)
Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering (FHLE)
Faculty of Engineering (FE)

Teaching and research facilities
Botanic Garden
University Vivarium
University Farm, Ltd. Kolíňany
University Sports Center
Agricultural Experts` Institute
Information centers
Center of Information and Communication Technologies
Slovak Agricultural Library
Publishing house of SUA
Special purpose facilities
SUA Congress Center
Education and recreational facility in Račková Dolina, High Tatras
Student dormitories and canteens
Club of cultural and leisure activities