The main task and mission of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (hereinafter "university" or "SUA") is to provide quality higher education and creative scientific research within the European area. The aim of the educational activity is to prepare a competitive graduate whose knowledge and skills are at the level of current scientific knowledge, with successful application on the labour market. SUA provides, organizes and ensures education in accredited study programmes of bachelor's, master and doctoral degree studies and in lifelong learning programmes. SUA has been granted rights to habilitation and professorship procedures.

With its scientific and educational focus, it is the only university in the Slovak Republic (within the framework of unique study fields and implemented study programmes), which in particular follows the further direction of Slovak agriculture and rural development. As part of the quality assurance process, SUA in Nitra has started intensive implementation of standards for the internal quality assurance system of higher education, which came into force on 1 September 2020. In terms of quality assurance, The Board of Internal Quality Assurance System of Education was established as an executive and decision-making body. The members of the Board are also external stakeholders and students who will oversee the quality control of education within the internal quality system of education, science and research at the university.

Guidelines and methodological instructions approved by The Board of Internal Quality Assurance System of Education:

Standards for the Internal System

Standards for Study Programme

Standards for Habilitation Proceedings and Proceedings for the Appointment of Professors