Sport activities, student life and student associations


The University Sports Centre, located near the dormitory Mladost (Ulica Československej armády 1, Nitra) , offers wide range of possibilities for sport activities of students and staff.  There is a multipurpose gym, 25-meter indoor swimming pool, aerobic studio, fitness-centre, tennis courts, beach-volleyball and dock-yard in the sports center. Students of SUA can choose various sport activities as part of their curricula such as basketball, volleyball, small football aerobics, yoga, swimming, tennis, table tennis, canoeing or bodybuilding.  Summer and winter courses, children's sports camps, and sport activities for university staff and the general public are provided. In partnership with the Sport club ZŠk Slávia it runs Basketball club MBK SPU Nitra, Volleyball club EKONÓM SPU Nitra and Floorball club ŠK SLÁVIA SPU DFA Nitra, all of them playing in the extraleague. 


Studying at a university does not mean just sitting at lectures and studying. SUA students have wide opportunities to spend their leisure time, relax and engage in sport activities or hobbies. University days are organised every year in autumn and spring by the students of both Nitra universities SUA and University of St. Constantine the Philosopher with many cultural activities, sports competitions and social events. The matriculation ceremony of first year students and matriculation ball at the beginning of academic year is a long tradition too. Art groups and hobby clubs are united under the DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY SERVICES.

The oldest and most famous of these is the folklore ensemble "Zobor" , in which hundreds of SUA students participated during its fifty years existence. It consists of three groups: musical, dancing and girls choir. The ensemble Zobor performs regularly at different events at home and abroad, participates in folklore shows and competitions.

Fans of Thalia, but also of humour and fun can join the students amateur theatre group „Divadielko na Osmičke“. In their repertoire there are not only theatre plays but also short comic performances that are part of the student events such as matriculation ceremony, balls and other festivities. Both groups successfully represent SUA at national theatre festivals and shows. Afternoons and evenings in the dormitories have been accompanied by local students’ radio MLADOSŤ for nearly thirty years. The technicians, speakers and DJs entertain the crowds at the university balls and festivities. Dance club LÚČE, Hunting club BUTEO and other groups are also integral part of the DEPARTMENT OF UNIVERSITY SERVICES. Students can spend their time and join the activities of students’ organisations such as Youth Association of Slovak Red Cross, Catholic Youth club FONS, AIESEC (International Association of University Students of Business and Economics), IAAS (International Association of Agricultural Students), ELASA (Association of students of Garden and Landscape Architecture) and ESN Nitra (Erasmus Student Network).