Edible packaging and hydrogen buses. What does Slovak science deal with? Slovak scientists solve current problems


Among them are also scientists from the SUA in Nitra. We bring you short information selected from the original text of the author Matúš Beňo.

Ingredients: meat, packaging

Waste, waste, waste. The huge amount of waste not only from food is a global problem. Waste produced by humans has been found even in the most extreme environments such as Antarctica or even at the bottom of the nearly 11 km deep Mariana Trench. Plastic has found its way into our food. So imagine that one day you could buy meat at the grocery store, cut up the wrapper on the noodles and cook them with the meat.

Scientist Miroslava Kačániová from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra is developing such packaging in cooperation with fellow scientists from the Belarusian University in Minsk. Their goal is to create a new material based on starch, edible polymers and vegetable ingredients. Packaging made from this material should not only be biodegradable, but should also preserve the long life of the meat. The idea is to use the antimicrobial effects of herbal extracts, such as sage and lemongrass, or even apple or grapefruit juice. Edible packaging could be used not only for meat, but could be specially designed for other foods to add flavour.

Development and research activities of universities

Among the overview of other research and development activities at universities, the Slovak Spectator also mentions a project called Demand-driven research into sustainable and innovative foods, Drive4SIFood; Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. The project leader is Lucia Gabríny and Klaudia Halászová.

The project is focused on research and development of innovative foods creating conditions for sustainable health, especially for vulnerable groups of the population. An important milestone was reached in May - a food incubator was created - a licensed space for food production. Such an incubator is uniquely focused on research into edible packaging, ingredients for cooking the future, etc.

Read the complete text in The Slovak Spectator at: https://spectator.sme.sk/c/22942947/edible-packaging-and-hydrogen-buses-what-has-slovak-science-been-up-to.html https://spectator.sme.sk/c/22963552/edible-packaging-cooking-ingredient-of-the-future.html?ref=temacl


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