EIT Food: The result of the project is SENIOR PLUS protein breakfast porridge


The project with senior citizens continues. As part of the EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs project - Involvement of consumers in the development of a new product, online seminars with older consumers took place during May at SUA in Nitra.

The final meeting was also attended by representatives of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences and the SUA Research Center AgroBioTech - prof. Adriana Kolesárová, doc. Radoslav Židek, PaedDr. Silvia Jakabová, Ph.D., Ing. Simona Baldovská, PhD., as well as representatives of food companies, including Marek Šarmír from Maxim Pharm, Ltd., who presented the result of last year's EIT Food RIS CEL 2020 project for a group of people over 65 years of age with key attributes such as effectiveness, health benefits, easy preparation or unmistakable taste.

The seminars included discussions on the shopping experiences of older consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, gathering expectations and experiences with food packaging during the pandemic, discussions on plant substitutes of meat and preferred meat substitutes, as well as joint discussions between consumers and company representatives on marketing products for the elderly.

Older consumers had to deal with the task at home, think about plant substitutes of meat and meatless products and come up with an original recipe for food without animal ingredients.

The EIT Food RIS CEL 2021 project will continue to recruit companies from the food industry through an open call and a subsequent series of online group discussions from September to November, when representatives of food companies, packaging companies will meet with local retailers. The final meeting will again be devoted to the key findings of the project, new findings and a joint discussion between consumers and business representatives.

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