FE Zobor celebrated its 66th anniversary with a spectacular gala program


Supporters and former members were offered a selection of the best program numbers from the previous period, as well as the latest choreography interwoven with singing inputs and orchestral composition. The performances were enriched with short videos from an interview with the co-founders of the ensemble.

At the beginning of the program, the rector of SUA Klaudia Halászová spoke. She said that we are proud of the long and rich history of FE Zobor, which connects entire generations. She highly appreciated all those who participated in its establishment and activities, and especially the founder of the ensemble Ivan Paška, who for health reasons could not participate in the gala program. The daughter took the letter of thanks from the rector for his personal contribution. Rector K. Halászová wished the jubilee ensemble many other successes and enthusiastic supporters.

The ceremonial program, which was part of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the SUA in Nitra, consisted of connecting four program units from different parts of Slovakia, namely Tekov, Poluvsie, Rejdová and Telgárt.

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