FESRD: Case Study 2021 - IMRD - this time online


From 28 June to 23 July, a case study within the framework of the International Master Study in Rural Development (IMRD) was carried out at the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development of the SUA in Nitra.

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, a case study was conducted online through MS Teams. It was attended by 23 students from 18 countries: Bangladesh, Belgium, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, Spain, Tanzania, Turkey and Uganda.

The case study addressed the topic of a regional brand as an innovative tool for community-led local development. Students had the opportunity to virtually - through our colleagues - visit local action groups in the Slovak Republic, where they mapped and evaluated this issue.

The quality course of the case study was supervised by the local coordinator of the IMRD project prof. Pavol Schwarcz in cooperation with Ing. Barbora Babjaková, PhD., - for practice, in the role of facilitator doc. Lucia Palšová, local technical coordinator doc. Loreta Schwarczová and IMRD project administrator Mgr. Veronika Straussová.

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