Ukrainians at the SUA improved the university campus


During the morning of Saturday, May 7, they treated perennial flower beds in front of the A. Bernolák Student dormitory and cleaned the area around the AgroBioTech Research Center.

"It is a symbol of gratitude to us Ukrainians for the help and support provided to us by the university, its staff and Slovakia," said Maksym Stankevych, PhD. student at the Faculty of Engineering of the SUA in Nitra. He added that Ukrainian students want to transfer the strength and knowledge as much as possible to our university and Slovakia.

Almost 20 volunteers took part in the event. It was also supported by the Upracme Slovensko initiative within the GreatThanksDay campaign.

As M. Stankevych concluded, Ukrainian students of the SUA will also be involved in other events organized by the university and the city.

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