About the Office of Project and Transfer Activities

Since 2019, the Office of Project and Transfer Activities (OPTA) has been a workplace under the direct responsibility of the rector of SUA in Nitra, whose task is to coordinate, methodically guide and administratively support the preparation and implementation of university projects financed from EU structural funds through Operational programmes, as well as through international programmes and other national schemes. OPTA was created by the merger of the EU Structural Funds Unit and the Horizon 2020 Office and is located in the premises of the AgroBioTech Research Centre (on the 1st floor).
In addition to the administration of international university projects and projects of individual Operational Programmes of the Slovak Rrepublic, OPTA also provides advice and consultations in the field of international research programmes and schemes, supports inter-faculty and inter-university cooperation, as well as the development of international cooperation, provides professional advice, consultations and services in the field of technology and knowledge transfer, cooperates in the activities of the National Technology Transfer Center of the Slovak Republic and coordinates the activities of the SUA within the international Danube Transfer Centre Network (DTC).

Director of OPTA

doc. Mgr. Ing. Danka Moravčíková, PhD. (contact)

Projects of the Operational Programmes of the Slovak Republic, APVV, VEGA, KEGA

Ing. Eva Hečková (contact)

Ing. Ľubica Požgajová (contact)

International projects, Grant Agency of the SUA

Mgr. Martin Valach, PhD. (contact)