Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra offers accommodation for all international exchange students in at one of the university dormitories:


ŠD Mladosť, Štúrova 3, 949 76 Nitra

There are single, double, triple and quadruple rooms grouped in units – 2 rooms sharing bathroom together. Simple cooking facilities on each floor (electric hotplates, but no kitchenware), computer room, canteen, snack bar and student`s bar in the dormitory. Sports grounds and university Sports Centre is nearby.


ŠD Anton Bernolák, Tr. Andreja Hlinku 38, 949 76 Nitra

Block A - Double rooms arranged in units of 2 rooms sharing bathroom and small fridge together. Block B, C - Double and triple rooms with shared bathrooms on the floor. Simple cooking facilities are available on each floor (electric hot plates, but no kitchenware), as well as study and TV rooms. There is also computer room, canteen and snack bar located in the ground floor of the dormitory.


ŠD Akademická, Akademická 1755, 949 01 Nitra

Double rooms grouped in units of 2, sharing a bathroom. Simple cooking facilities available on each floor. Lecture rooms, conference rooms included.


Room equipment

All rooms are furnished. Pillows, blankets and sheets are provided. A set of clean bed sheets is provided at the beginning of your stay. These can be exchanged for clean sheets every two weeks in the laundry room located in the ground floor of each dormitory.

Computer facilities

There is wi-fi and cable internet connection accessible for the students upon registration to the school network. Computer rooms are located in faculty buildings and dormitories for students to use.

Riaditeľstvo študentských domovov 
Štúrova č. 3, 949 01  Nitra 
tel.: +421 37 6415700 
fax: +421 37 6415739




From now on the rent must be paid via bank transfer to the bank account stipulated in your Accomodation Agreement using variable symbol identical to your personal number which can be found in your University Information System account: >> Login to personal administration >> E-Agenda >> List of settled accommodation payments (UIS login and password is obtained from International Relations Office at the time of registration)



  • First payment: at the beginning of your stay, you are required to pay the rent for the 4 months
  • The rent shall be paid in advance, until 25th day of the current month for the next month (e.g. until 25 February for March)
  • In the event that payment is not made within the required deadline a fine of 0,30 € for each day of delay in payment is charged automatically. You can check summary of your payments (and debts) in your UIS account (E-Agenda >> List of settled accommodation payments )
  • The accommodation is reserved until the date on your Acceptance letter. Should you leave at different date please notify IRO and the reception at least one month in advance so they can adjust the amount to be paid. Please note that if you leave before or after the date stipulated in your Accommodation Contract, it should be done until the end of the month, since the whole month worth of rent is charged when you begin a new month. Meaning that even if you e.g. leave on the 1st of June, you would have to pay for the whole June (except for the students who reserved their accommodation until e.g. 1st June before their arrival).