National Centre Baltic University Programme at SUA in Nitra

Since 1991 The Baltic University Programme (BUP) has worked to find novel ways of interaction and cooperation among universities by promoting openness, internationalization and mobility. Our main aim is to support the build of strong regional educational and research communities. The Programme is committed to gain and disseminate knowledge in the fields of sustainable development, environmental protection, nature resources, democracy and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The aim is achieved by creating a rich learning environment and by developing university courses, promoting interdisciplinary research activities and participating in transdisciplinary projects in cooperation with authorities, municipalities and others. The BUP opportunities such as conferences are free of charge for persons at a Member University.

The Baltic University Programme is a member organization, with 86 Member Universities, most of them situated in the drainage area of the Baltic Sea. The headquarters of the organization is Uppsala University in Sweden and has 12 national centers in the region. Since 1 October 2018, the Slovak National Center of the Baltic University Programme has been set up at the SUA in Nitra, which task is to associate organizations in Slovakia interested in the issue of sustainable development. Among the existing and active partners of the National Center of the Baltic University in Slovakia is the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Department of Aquatic Landscape). The Head of the Center at SUA is Ing. Barbora Čakovská, PhD.

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