Coordinators and contacts


prof. Ing. Milan Šimko, PhD. (Mr)
Vice- Rector for Education and ECTS
Rector`s Office, Pavilion AE, 2nd floor,
CONTACT PERSON - for administration and accommodation issues
Eva Trabalíková (Mrs),
International Relations Office, pavilion AE (rectorate), 3rd floor, n. 304.
tel: 00421 37 641 5519
ACADEMIC COORDINATORS AT SUA FACULTIES - contacts for academic matters 
Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources
prof. Ing. Radovan Kasarda, PhD. (Mr.)
Vice-Dean for International Relations
Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding Biology, pavilion AT, 1st floor, no. 3, +421 37 641 4292
Ing. Eva Demjanová, PhD. (Ms)
Dean`s Office, pavilion AE, ground floor, n. 11, +421 37 641 5860
Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences
Ing. Ľubomír Belej, PhD., (Ms)
Department of Food Hygiene and Safety, pavilion BA, 1st floor, no. 116, +421 37 641 5824
Faculty of Econommics and Management
assoc. prof. Ing. Natália Turčeková, PhD. (Ms)
Vice-Dean for International Relations
Dean`s Office of the Faculty, pavilion AS, 1st floor, n. 102, +421 37 641 5891, or Department of Economics, pavilion AE, 7th floor, n. 7, +421 37 641 4577,
Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development
assoc. prof. JUDr. Lucia Palšová, PhD. (Ms)
Erasmus Coordinator
Department of Law, Farská street, 1st floor,  +421 37 641 5079,
Ing. Veronika Dalkovičová (Ms), pavilion AA, 3rd floor, n. 314, +421 37 641 5860
Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering
Ing. Mária Bihuňová, PhD. (Ms)
Vice-Dean for International Relations
Department of Garden and Landscape Architecture, pavilion TD, Tulipánová street, ground floor, n. 121,
+421 37 641 5425
Faculty of Engineering
Ing. Katarína Kollárová, PhD. (Ms)
Vice-Dean for International Relations
Dean`s Office, pavilion M, 1st floor, n. 204, +421 37 641 5408
ERASMUS STUDENT NETWORK - contact for students for help with arrival and daily life issues