ECTS credits allocation

Credits are allocated according to the study workload needed to achieve expected learning outcomes in individual courses.
1 ECTS credit correspons to 26 hours of student`s workload. The total number of hours of students workload for each course is divided into lectures, seminars and student`s individual work and study time for examination, detailed inforamtion is available in the Information Sheet of the course in the Catalogue of courses. Students can evaluate the quality of courses and teachers via anonymous evaluation sheets that are collected every year for lectures and seminars separately.


Allocation of ECTS credits is stipulated in the the Code of Studies of SUA in Nitra in Article 8.

The credit system:

SUA uses a flexible study system with credit evaluation of courses in accordance with the principles of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) § 62 of the Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on higher education institutions and on amendments of certain laws, as amended. The credit system is based on accumulation and transfer of credits. Credits are numerical values assigned to courses, based on which а student’s workload associated with passing of individual courses of SP is evaluated.

The credit system allows students to choose the pace of study. Each course of SP has a number of assigned credits that a student obtains after successful completion of the course. Credits obtained for the completion of the course are counted. Students can obtain credits for each course of SP only once during the study.

The number of credits required for the proper completion of the study is

a)      at least 180 credits for a Bachelor study programme with the standard duration of study,

b)      at least 60 credits for a Master study programme with the standard duration of study being one year (120 credits in SP for full-time study with the standard duration of study being two years).

Credits obtained for the completion of only a part of study at a Faculty of SUA, a higher education institution in the Slovak Republic or abroad based on a learning agreement are recorded on the basis of a transcript of records issued by the higher education institution, at which the student obtained them.

Credits obtained by a student in a previous study at another higher education institution in the Slovak Republic or abroad can be recorded by the Dean of the Faculty in accordance with the relevant SP upon a written request within a period of five years from the completion of recognized courses.