Financial support for students

Conditions of financial support for students in the form of scholarships are stipulated in the Scholarship Regulations of SAU in Nitra. 

SUA students are provided with: social scholarship from the state budget , motivation scholarship from the state budget, scholarship from SUA own resources

  • Social scholarship can be awarded to a full time student with temporary residence in Slovak Republic upon his/her written application for awarding of social scholarship, accompanied by relevant documents.  The application form with required attachments is to be submitted in the Students Registry (in the lobby below aula).
  • Motivation scholarships may be awarded for excellent study performance or for excellent achievements in study, research, development, artistic or sports activities. This scholarship is awarded automatically in accordance of provisions of relevant national legislation
  • Rector of SUA or Dean of the faculty may award scholarships to students paid from SUA or faculty own sources upon written proposal of SUA staff member, if the student:
  • is severely disabled,
  • is temporarily in financial distress and is complete orphan,
  • is active in academic bodies of university or faculty, or in other national and international student organizations,
  • has particularly good performance in the field of study, research and development,
  • achieves good academic results, represents SUA at international events and is extremely active in extra-curricular activities of students.