Climate Farm Demo: (ID: 101060212) A European-wide Network of Pilot Farmers Implementing and Demonstrating Climate Smart Solutions for a Carbon Neutral Europe

GeneBEcon: (ID: 101061015) Capturing the Potential of Gene Editing for a Sustainable BioEconomy

EUROPE-LAND: (ID: 101081307) Towards Sustainable Land-use Strategies in the Context of Climate Change and Biodiversity Challenges in Europe

DaWetRest: (ID: 101113015) Danube Wetlands and flood plains Restoration through systemic, community engaged and sustainable innovative actions (SUA as an associated partner)

Tools4CAP: (ID: 101086311) Innovative Toolbox empowering effective CAP governance towards EU ambitions

Retouch NEXUS: (ID: 101086522) REsilienT water gOvernance Under climate CHange within the WEFE NEXUS

NENUPHAR: (ID: 101082169) New Governance Models to Enhance Nutrient Pollution Handling and Nutrients Recycling (grant preparation)

PoliRuralPLUS: (ID: 101136910)Fostering Sustainable, Balanced, Equitable, Place-based and Inclusive Development of Rural-Urban Communities' Using Specific Spatial Enhanced Attractivenes Mapping ToolBox (grant preparation)

NextGenBioPest: (ID: 101136611) Next Generation Biopesticides for the control of the most “difficult-to-manage” pests and pathogens in fruits and vegetables (grant preparation)

CATALYSE: (ID: 101136754) Catalysing scientific innovation into food safety action (grant preparation)

BIOCONFARM: (ID: 101086575) Towards a smart plant protection in European farms: An integrated living farm lab approach (grant preparation)