The aim of the SUA in Nitra is to fulfil the idea of internationalisation in educational and research process. The SUA in Nitra fully supports the European Union’s modernisation and internationalisation agenda in the field of higher education. It develops capacities for higher education at all levels, in cooperation with partner universities. It builds on its experience in the field of internationalisation in order to strengthen and develop policies and practices on all its aspects. In recent years, it has been building cooperation with more than 100 partner institutions, the output of which is realized mobility and participation in jointly solved projects and other activities.


To strengthen the level of internationalisation of the University by developing international cooperation at all levels of the education and research process and by acquiring and strengthening international influences across the entire spectrum of university activities, including peer-to-peer cooperation.


  1. enhancing academic mobility of students and staff and the international dimension of education,
  2. development of international partnerships and consortia,
  3. internationalisation of research.

Internationalisation Strategy [PDF]