Quality culture

The quality culture of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (SUA in Nitra) focuses on quality for a long time with its attitudes and values, which it has incorporated in its strategic documents.

The current system requires the creation of a culture of quality, which is a significant driving force of quality management in modern higher education. It is a never-ending process that commits SUA in Nitra to continuously provide and implement a quality system that starts from people, values and mission alignment.

Inspired by our history and driven by our pursuit of innovation, quality education and scientific integrity are the means for our engagement in society. SUA in Nitra develops and implements a culture of quality education in the study programs and related creative activities in the fields of study: biology, biotechnology, economics and management, agriculture and landscaping, food and engineering at all levels and forms of education.

SUA in Nitra is part of the European educational area and the common European research area with the aim of developing a significant international level of creative activity.

SUA in Nitra, as a coherent institution, provides a broad professional background for lifelong learning and practice.

The quality culture is based on the following regulations:

SUA in Nitra accepted the primary responsibility for the quality of education provided in all parts of the university, at all levels, in all aspects and implemented SAAVŠ standards in the main regulation Internal quality assurance system of quality higher education at SUA in Nitra. The regulation serves as a basis for the integration of policies, structures and processes into a coherent internal system.

SUA in Nitra has created appropriate structures of the internal quality assurance system of higher education for the entire university. In the internal system, it defined the authority, field of action and responsibility of individual structures, senior employees, other employees and other interested parties for ensuring the quality of higher education and related activities.

In terms of quality assurance, the Board of Internal Quality Assurance (IQAS) was created, which supervises the harmonization of standards and other internal processes in the educational process.

Part of the quality assessment is regular monitoring, evaluation and revision of the internal system.