Language preparation

In order to follow lectures and successfully pass the exams incoming exchange students are required to have at least intermediary level of English Language (B1 or B2 according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

As part of your study program at SUA in Nitra you can choose  language courses. The Department of Languages of SUA in Nitra provides various kinds of courses of several languages at various levels as part of students`regular study program. Check the section Courses for more information. The language courses are year long, which means the exam is done and grade awarded only at the end of the summer semester, in winter semester no grade, only credits for attendance and/or passing the midterm test are awarded.

Special language courses outside the regular teaching hours for students as well as general public are offered. Information on this courses is available at the Department of Languages.

Basic Slovak Language course is provided for International students during the semester as part of their curriculum (2 ECTS credits). It is one-semester course, so exams is taken and grade and credits are awarded at the end of each semester.

Registration for the language courses is done during the Orientation week through the International Relations Office (Erasmus+ students) or through the faculty/project coordinator (other exchange students).