Supporting learning facilities


address: Tr. Andreja Hlinku 2, Nitra

The Botanical Garden of SUA in Nitra with an area of 25 hectares serves as an educational, research and cultural facility as well as agro-botanical garden. Natural flora, cultivated temperate plants, fruit and vegetable crops, medicinal and culinary herbs are all presented in the open-air and greenhouse areas of the garden. The area of the Botanical Garden is aesthetically arranged by the exhibition of different crops of tree and plant collections. 5,700 taxa of tropical and subtropical plants, 600 species and cultivars of broadleaved trees and evergreens, 1,900 species of perennials alpine plants and bulbing plants, 130 species of medical herbs and 400 taxa included in genofund of useful plants, have been gathered in the collections there. The botanical Garden cooperates with more than 350 gardens around the worlds and exchanges seed material (Index seminum). Located within the University campus.

address: Tr. Andreja Hlinku 2, Nitra, Pavilion AT

The University Vivarium which is a direct part of educational process of some study programmes, houses more than 20 different species of exotic animals. Some of them have been confiscated by national authorities of SR as subject of illegal transport and possession and temporarily placed here. Vivarium is open to general public and one of the aims is also to educate children and their parents about environmental protection and animal protection issues.

address: Hlavná 561, Kolíňany
The University Farm serves as a research center for  research activities of SUA departments as well as as a center for practical training of students of various study programmes. For research and educational purposes collections of crops, vegetables, viticulture, orchards, medicinal and aromatic plants and breeds of beef cattle, sheep, goats, pheasants, bees and fish have been set up. The farm covers 2,270 ha of land. Animal production is focused on beef cattle and milk production. The farm is located 15 km from Nitra.

address: Ulica Československej armády 1, Nitra

The centre provides physical education classes as a selective course for students of all faculties of SUA. It also organizes summer and winter courses, children's sports camps, and sport activities for university staff and the general public. In partnership with the Sport club ZŠk Slávia it runs Basketball club EDYMAX SPU Nitra, Volleyball club EKONÓM SPU Nitra and Floorball club ŠK SLÁVIA SPU DFA Nitra, all of them playing in the extraleague. 
address: ŠD Mladosť, Štúrova 3, Nitra

Its function is to provide implementation of expertise in three areas:
1. Environmental protection, branch: air purity, clean water, industrial and municipal waste, meteorology, an estimate of damage to the environment, nature and landscape conservation;
2. Agriculture, branch: estimated value of agricultural land, crop production (general and special), animal production (general and special), processing of agricultural products (PAP) - pomiculture, PAP - viniculture, PAP - beekeeping, horticulture, estimated value of agricultural land;
3. Water management, branch: fishery and aquaculture, hydromelioration.


Centre of Information and Communication Technologies (CIKT)
address: Tr. Andreja Hlinku 2, Nitra, Pavilion AE
The centre provides operation and development of information and communication technologies on SUA. It implements the conceptual intentions of SUA development in the information and communication technologies, information systems and information security. The center‘s mission is to ensure the registration, operation and service of hardware and software computers, to realize production and maintenance of multimedia didactic applications. It also prepares the computer network conception in SUA, provides its enlargement, operation, Internet connection and offers net services. Establishment and operation of regional node of nationwide computer network SANET and SANET2 is another feature of the center.

address: Štúrova ulica, 51, Nitra
Slovak Agricultural Library at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra offers library and information services for the University staff and students and access to different type of information and documents.
The Library holdings consist from textbooks, monographs, science and scholar journals, proceedings, theses, research reports, etc. They are represented by more than 520,000 volumes. Publication exchange with 115 exchange partners all over the world helps to library holdings acquisition.
Slovak Agricultural Library offers standard range of academic library services:
  • Circulation services (including interlibrary loan and document delivery),
  • Retrieval services,
  • Reference services,
  • IT service (Internet Access via LAN and wifi, remote access to online information resources ),
  • Additional services (copying, printing, scanning, etc.).
Library provides a wide range of online information resources, both, full text and bibliographic databases released by international publishers/providers.

address: Tr. Andreja Hlinku 2, Nitra, Pavilion Ch

The Publishing House focuses on the issue of scientific and technical literature for the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, concerning mostly educational literature (text books, study books, monographs) and other printed materials for university departments. Scientific journals such as Acta fytotechnica et zootechnica, Acta oeconomica et informatica, Acta technologica agriculturae, Acta horticulturae et regiotecturae, Acta regionalia et environmentalica and Agrochemistry, are graphically and editorially processed by Publishing house of SUA.
The periodical and nonperiodical literature, as well as the text and study books from its own production are available for purchase in the university shop.
Tel: +421 37 641 5569,E-mail:


address: ŠD Antona Bernoláka, Tr. Andreja Hlinku 38, Nitra
It is a modern multimedial congress centre with capacity of 360 places. Thanks to technical equipment for simultaneous translation into 4 languages it is a perfect place for international scientific symposia and conferences as well as other social events.
address: Račkova dolina, 032 42 Pribylina
Educational and recreational facility in Račková dolina in High Tatras is has been used for many years as a place for informal meetings of university staff, students excursions and winter ski trips as well as summer vacation place for university staff. Nowadays it is also open for general public for holiday stays all year long.