Living costs, accomodation, meals and transport



Living in the Slovak Republic, may be anywhere from relatively cheap to quite expensive, depending mainly on location, type of accommodation and the choice of lifestyle - preferred meals, entertainment etc.

Average prices of stome basic commodities and services in Nitra (approximately)

Taxi /1 journey 2 EUR (students discount) Bread 1 kg 1,32 EUR
Cinema ticket 5,30 EUR Milk 1 l 0,74 EUR
Lunch menu in restaurant 4-5 EUR Yoghurt, 150 g 0,37 EUR
Pizza 4-6 EUR Cheese, 1 kg 6,27 EUR
Beer, 0,5 l 1-1,20 EUR Butter, 125 g 1 EUR
Coke 1,15 EUR Salami, 1 kg 7,83 EUR
Tea, Coffee 1-1,30 EUR Poultry, 1 kg 2,74 EUR
Mineral Water, 1,5 l 0,55 EUR Vine, 1 l 2,41 - 2,66 EUR
McDonad`s menu 5 EUR    



Accommodation for students of SUA is provided in university student hostels:

ŠD Mladosť, Štúrova 3, 949 76 Nitra 

tl_files/download/Pictures/Internaty/Mladost/DSC_1222.JPGThere are single, double, triple and quadruple rooms grouped in units – 2 rooms sharing bathroom together. Simple cooking facilities on each floor (electric hotplates, but no kitchenware), computer room, canteen, snack bar and student`s bar in the dormitory. Sports grounds and university Sports Centre is nearby. 




ŠD Anton Bernolák, Tr. Andreja Hlinku 38, 949 76 Nitra 

tl_files/download/Pictures/Internaty/Bernolak/DSC_1343.JPGBlock A - Double rooms arranged in units of 2 rooms sharing bathroom and small fridge together. Block B, C - Double and triple rooms with shared bathrooms on the floor. Simple cooking facilities are available on each floor (electric hot plates, but no kitchenware), as well as study and TV rooms. There is also computer room, canteen and snack bar located in the ground floor of the dormitory. 



ŠD Akademická, Akademická 1755, 949 01 Nitra 

tl_files/download/Pictures/Internaty/Akademicka/1.jpgDouble rooms grouped in units of 2, sharing a bathroom. Simple cooking facilities available on each floor. Lecture rooms, conference rooms included. 





Room equipment

All rooms are furnished. Pillows, blankets and sheets are provided. A set of clean bed sheets is provided at the beginning of your stay. These can be exchanged for clean sheets every two weeks in the laundry room located in the ground floor of each dormitory.

Computer facilities

There is wi-fi and cable internet connection accessible for the students upon registration to the school network. Computer rooms are located in faculty buildings and dormitories for students to use.




There are two canteens within the university campus located in dormitories Anton Bernolák and Mladosť. They serve lunch and dinner to the university students and staff at reasonable price. Refreshments can be bought in several Snack Bars in the university buildings.



The City of Nitra has well developed public transport system. Timetable of buses is available at

There are two ways of fare payment:

1. Buy ticket from bus driver in cash. This ticket is valid only for one journey without change. You should board the bus via the first door.

2. Fare payment by credit chip card. The card can be obtained at operator's ticket offices where it is also possible to charge the card. You can board the bus via any door and place your card to the machine, the fare is then subtracted from the credit on the card.

24-hours and Weekly tickets are also available.

Long-distance transport by coach

Long-distance coach transport in Slovakia is well developed to connect Nitra with the whole Slovakia and also foreign destinations. You can find detailed information on and

Train connections

Travelling by train from and to Nitra is not as convenient as coach transport. Travelling by train to certain destinations may need a change of the train in Leopoldov or Nové Zámky. Further information on train connections you can find on, or directly at the railway station in Nitra. It is possible to buy train tickets to all European destinations through on-line system.