Organization of study, registration process and graduation documents

The academic year begins on 1 September of the current year and ends on 31 August of the following year. The academic year is divided into two semesters: winter and summer semester. Each semester usually lasts 14 weeks and is followed by an examination period. SUA uses a flexible study system with credit evaluation of courses in accordance with the principles of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The credit system is based on accumulation and transfer of credits, numerical values assigned to courses. Each course is completed by the fulfilment of requirements (called credit pass or "zápočet" in Slovak) and by examination. After successful completion of examination, students gain an ECTS grade and credits. Some courses are completed by the credit pass only. In this case, the course is marked as Passed and ECTS credits are awarded.

Basic educational activities include lectures, seminars, exercises, consultations, final work, excursions, individual study and practice. All those activities are provided by departments competent in the relevant field. 

Educational activities and examination period in the semester are scheduled in the Academic calendar approved by the Rector of SUA for each year. Organization of education at all levels and forms of study is based on the credit system.

The study plan of a student specifies time and content sequence of courses and form of evaluation of study results. The student creates his/her study plan on his/her own or in cooperation with a study advisor within the established rules of the relevant SP in accordance with the SUA Code of Studies.

Study courses are divided into:

  • compulsory,
  • compulsory elective,
  • and elective.

Compulsory courses are determined according to  the requirements of the basic knowledge of the relevant field of study. Compulsory elective courses are an alternative offer, resulting from the profile of the graduate of the relevant study programme. Elective courses can be chosen by students from the SUA Course Catalogue for the relevant academic year freely in order to gain the number of credits required for the academic year.

A student gains credits as an expression of completion of courses. The standard student workload is 60 credits for one academic year, 30 credits for one semester. In order to properly complete a Bachelor level programme with the standard duration of study of 3 years, the student must gain 180 credits. In order to properly complete a Master level programme with the standard duration of study of 2 years, 120 credits gained are obligatory.

In order to properly complete a Doctoral level programme with the standard duration of study of 3 years in the full-time form and 5 years in the part-time form, it is necessary to obtain 180 credits, out of which  60 credits shall be obtained in the study part and 120 credits shall be obtained in the research part of the study.

Code of Studies of SUA in Nitra



Documents on completion of a study programme are: University Diploma, State Examination Certificate, and Diploma Supplement. Those are issued by SUA in Nitra for all graduates automatically and free of charge in the Slovak and English languages. 

Diploma Supplement Sample