Postdoctoral positions

The Rector of SUA in Nitra creates postdoctoral research jobs, also for experts from abroad, to support young researchers after completing the third degree of university studies (PhD.) in accordance with research projects and research focus on individual components of SUA. The Rector of SUA has issued the Directive for the Creation of Research – Post-doctoral Positions at SUA in Nitra, which is a development of the recommendations of the European Charter for Researchers concerning the establishment of transparent rules for the recruitment and appointment of researchers with postdoctoral status.

Calls for the postdoctoral positions

At the beginning of the process of filling the posts of the postdoctoral researchers, the Rector of SUA announces a university call for proposals for the creation of such a job at the relevant parts of the university. The Rector of SUA announces a call for the created postdoc jobs, which is public and honour the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. In the selection procedure for the postdoctoral post, the candidate's preconditions for scientific and other creative activity, his/her previous results in the field of science, research, development, or art are taken into account. Current calls for filling postdoctoral research positions are published in Slovak on the university's website and in English on the website of the European Commission EURAXESS


Filling the free positions at SUA in Nitra respects the principles of the selection procedure.

Principles of the selection procedure for filling the positions of university teachers, the positions of researchers, the positions of professors, associate professors and assistant professors and the positions of managing employees of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra