Scientific research is one of the priorities of the university. It is focused on research, i.e. obtaining original results aimed at developing knowledge directly applicable in practice, including also activities aimed at effectively linking scientific research with the educational process and supporting the professional growth of employees. Scientific research orientation of the SUA in Nitra covers a wide range of agricultural, technical, social and economic sciences in the field of basic and applied research.

Scientific research activities are carried out mainly through the solution of research, cultural-educational and other projects, which confirm the whole society’s interest in the latest views of experts on current problems, which are regional, often national in nature, or contribute to solving more complex topics with a global subtext. The activities of the SUA in Nitra in the scientific research activity under the brand name of the “Green University” consist of a mosaic of projects funded from national grant agencies, international scientific and technical cooperation projects with partner institutions in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, France, but also in China, South Africa, Syria, etc., as well as from the calls of the EU Framework Programmes.

Science and research at the SUA are associated with the recognition of biological, technical, economic and social phenomena and regulations, they ensure better utilisation of biological potential of plants and animals, the production of safe food while respecting the protection of nature and the environment, taking into account transformation processes in society and rural development. In experimental workplaces, the regulatory mechanisms of primary biomass formation processes of agricultural and energy plant species are studied, modern molecular and biotechnological practices are specifically developed in the agri-food industry. The complex issues of maintaining agrobiodiversity in changing environmental conditions and the potential impact of climate change in agriculture are addressed.

Several university workplaces have received the status of Centres of Excellence. Their modern infrastructure is co-financed through the mechanisms of the EU Structural Funds. They create space for new research intentions and make it possible to produce high-quality outputs from research projects. Together with the construction of excellent workplaces focused on basic research in the field of biodiversity, integrated river basin management, soil protection and sustainability, as well as white-green technology, the SUA in Nitra actively participates in the growth of production potential not only of agriculture, food industry, but also in the development of the city of Nitra and individual regions of Slovakia. New, unprecedented opportunities for the development of scientific research activities at the University are brought by the newly established AgroBioTech Research Centre. All SUA laboratories are available for young scientists as well as for the creative scientific activities of students.

The SUA supports the best projects of young pedagogical and scientific researchers under the age of 35 through the internal grant agency. Faculty conferences of student scientific activities organised each year are an opportunity for students to present the results of their creative work and to defend the acquired knowledge before a wider forum of colleagues and educators from both domestic and foreign universities.