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Scientific research activity is one of the main activities of each university. It is focused on basic research, i.e. obtaining results for development of knowledge, applied research as well as on effective linking of research activities with educational process and support of profesisonal growth of employees.

Scientific research orientation of the SUA covers a wide range of agricultural, technical and social and economic sciences in the field of basic and applied research. Research is conducted mainly through research, educational and other projects focused on current issues in terms of regional and national perspective, respectively contribute to addressing the complex issues in global context. The SUA scientific and research activities under the “Green University” label are made up of a mosaic of projects funded by national grant agencies, projects of international scientific and technological cooperation with partner institutions in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, France, but also China, South Africa, Syria, etc., but also of the challenges of the EU framework programmes.

Science and research at the SUA in Nitra are associated with cognition of biological, technical, economic and social phenomena and laws, ensuring better utilization of biological potential of plants and animals, production of safe food while protecting nature and the environment with respect to the transformation processes in society and the rural development. Regulatory mechanisms of the primary processes of production of biomass of agricultural and energy plant species are studied at experimental workplaces. Advanced molecular and biotechnological processes in the agri-food sector are specifically developed. Complex issues of maintaining agricultural biodiversity in changing environmental conditions and potential impacts of climate change in agriculture are addressed. Several departments of the university acquired the status of centres of excellence. Their modern infrastructure is co-funded by the mechanisms of EU Structural Funds. They create the space for new research projects and enable the production of quality outputs from research projects. Together with the established Centers of Excellence oriented on basic research in the field of biodiversity (ECOVA and ECOVA Plus), integrated river basin management (CoE for Integrated River Basin Management in changing environmental conditions) and protection and sustainability of the soil (CoE for White and Green Biotechnology). The SUA actively participates in the growth of production potential of both agriculture and food processing industry, as well as in the development of the city of Nitra and other regions of Slovakia.


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