Students Affairs Office

Faculty level

The Office of Study Affairs is an inherent part of each faculty. It manages students' agenda from the admission to the completion of their study. Students consults all problems connected with their study within a given study programme here, either personally or in writing.


Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Sciences

Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Resources

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering

Faculty of Engineering


University level

A similar office, called the Internal Quality System Assurance Office, is part of the Rector's Office. It includes the Student Registry. During the academic year, students can obtain various confirmations and documents here. The Student Registry also manages the students' social scholarships.

  • Internal Quality System Assurance Office

Ms Margita Granátová, tel: +421 37 641 5516, e-mail:

  • Students Registry

Tel.: +421 37 641 4892, e-mail: