Visa and Residence Permit - NON-EU citizens


Citizens of non EU countries might need visa for entering the Slovak Republic. Contact respective Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your home country to find out more details. The list of Slovak Embassies and Consulates by countries.

Information about VISA

If you are staying in Slovakia more than 90 days in one half-year you MUST apply for Temporary Residence Permit. Specific conditions applicable for submission of temporary residence permit application for study you can find HERE.

The application is to be submitted in person at the Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your home country or at the Immigration Police Office in Nitra after arrival ( in case you do not need VISA to enter Slovakia). Check with the Slovak Embassy or Consulate what is the best option for you and what documents are necessary for the application.

According to the Act No. 404/2011 Z.z. Coll. on residence of foreigners a foreign national may be granted one of the following types of residence permits – permanent residence, temporary residence or tolerated residence. More information about entry conditions of foreigners to the Slovak Republic, about visa requirements, about specific types of residence permits, conditions of residence and obligations of foreigners related to different types of residence can be found on the website of the IOM Migration Information Center.

For the foreigners residing in the city of Nitra, the competent authority is the Foreign Police Department on Kalvárska Street no. 2 in Nitra. You can apply for an appointment at the Foreign Police Department on selected date via online reservation system here.



  • only complete applications can be submitted - therefore it is highly recommended to double check with the Slovak Embassy or Consulate that you have all necessary documents for application for TRP in order to avoid problems with obtaining missing documents from your home country after arrival to Slovakia.
  • official documents issued by authorities in the home country must be verified for usage in the Slovak Republic (apostille or superlegalisation - check with the Slovak Embassy or Consulate for details)
  • supporting documents must not be older than 90 days
  • application and all supporting documents must be in Slovak language or translated into Slovak Language by translator recognised by Slovak authorities.

In order to allow enough time for processing of Visa/Temporary Residence Permit application apply at least 3 months before your planned arrival to Slovakia.



Non EU citizens living outside university dormitories MUST register within 3 working days after arrival in Slovakia. Students living in SUA dormitories are registered by the dormitory automatically.

If you are staying longer than 90 days in one half-year you need to visit the Immigration Police Office in Nitra in order

  • to obtain your Temporary Residence Permit card (if you applied from your home country) - you will need your passport and  4,50 EUR  fee for the card, to be paid via special stamps called KOLOK that you buy at the post office


  • to submitt your application for Temporary Residence Permit (see above)
Immigration Police Office (Oddelenie cudzineckej polície), Kalvárska 2, 949 01 Nitra.
Office hours:
  • Monday       7:30 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:00
  • Wednesday 7:30 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 16:30
  • Friday          7:30 - 12:00


Within 30 days after obtaining the Temporary Residence Permit card you are legally obliged to submit at the Immigration Police Office the Confirmation of health status, confirming that you do not suffer from any infectious illness (its spreading is a criminal act in Slovakia). Confirmation is issued by a Health centre for foreign diseases after a medical check. 

Authorised health center in Nitra:

Ambulancia cudzokrajných chorôb (Centre for Foreign diseases),Fakultná nemocnica Nitra (Nitra Hospital),
address: Špitálska street, 6, Nitra
doctor: MUDr. Ľubica Piesecká, PhD.
The price of the medical check is approx. 150 € and is to be paid cash in the hospital.

Allow 2-3 weeks for processing of the medical check`s results and obtaining the Health confirmation.

The visits to the Immigration Police and Nitra Hospital are organised by the Erasmus Student Network in cooperation with the International Relations Office to help you overcome the communication barrier. 



At the end of your stay you have to notify the Immigration Police Office that you are leaving and return the Temporary Residence Permit card. 


NOTE: Consider this information for information purposes only. The conditions may change without prior notice. Slovak University of Agriculture bears no responsibility for information given nor for timely fulfillment of given requirements by the student and can not influence or change any decisions taken by Immigration Police Office in case of student`s  non-compliance with valid legal rules.